About Buzzaccarini-Gonzaga

Confirmed Noble with sovereign Resolution on November 19, 1820 as proceeding from more noble ceased ascribed to the Council of the City of Padua. This family, which counts among its ascent individuals insignia of foreign orders and the Knights of Malta, is awarded the title of Marquis, who was in a Decree February 10, 1706 by Ferdinand Charles Duke of Mantua awarded to Antonio de B. of St. George Knight by declaration of the same and his legitimate descendants are addottati and hired from the ducal family of Gonzaga, so that they have to enjoy the name, honors, titles and prerogatives it ducal family. For expressions of that diploma, the Buzzaccarini Family derives from UJIA ancient Roman lineage, called Vetulia, that after losing the Principality of Cremona in turmoil came to dwell in Pisa then in Padua, everywhere supporting primary dignity, and making illustrious his name in the Government, in Arms and the Church.

Coat of Army
D’azzurro alla croce di S. Andrea d’oro, alla quale